Sunday, September 28, 2008


Today, well yesterday for me, there was an event going on in three cities that was put together by a group called improv everywhere. I believe they got their start in New York and i suppose have a bit of a cult following now. Today they will have a group of people all listening to mp3 players at the same time and place. They will all be following instructions and it will create a happening. I don't know how else to explain it. Anyway I have always been a fan of the musical. At times I have felt the need to break into song. This group did this bit of improv which made me laugh.

I hope you enjoy. go to their website. The thing that i like about the whole process is that it engages people. People stop and react and it is great.

rainy saturday

what a lazy day we have had today. Parrish is recovering from an ear infection and we have had some rain today. so we got out our face paints and here are our results.

just call me ice princess.

super butterfly girl.super me!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

propaganda 2

when driving around every once in a while there will just be this propaganda sign. this one is by Remy's school.

Time is money, efficiency is life.


this blog is dedicated to the life and times of Bronwyn. She is an amazing girl and I am so happy with how she is adjusting to China. She says she doesn't like it and that she misses Brasil - which she probably does - but the truth is she is doing really well in school. She is trying hard. She is making lots of new friends. She had to make an animal cell model for science. Here are the results.

it turned out really well and I think she was happy with it.

Monday, September 22, 2008


I have now been christened into china life. Yes, I have been robbed. Maybe pick pocketed is the word, except that I did leave my bag sitting in the shopping cart. The truth is that I am very lucky. Remy and I had run out to wal-mart for a few items. We were feeling quite proud of ourselves since we had only caused a few rubber-necking incidences. Remy was pushing the cart though and some woman - he thinks she was following us - kept pushing him out of her way. At the end of the trip we were actually running away from her. We made it to the checkout counters and I took two steps over to grab a new grocery bag and Remy stepped to the beckoning toy aisle and it happened. I have a big black tote bag and inside was my wallet, my makeup bag, my camera and various other non-essential, just hanging out items. I noticed upon stepping back that the inside zipper pocket was hanging out of the bag. I looked inside and there was my black, blend-in, wallet, and my camera - also black. I didn't think anything else about it. Sunday morning i wanted to put on my favorite lip-plumping lipstick, my pretty pink blush, and that is right no make-up bag. Do you know what I look like without my face? I hope they like clinique. Man, I loved that lip gloss. Really I am quite lucky my wallet was still there. I will be more vigilant next time.

tainted milk

I am spending my morning pouring out all my fresh milk and making sure that I have no more dairy related products on my shelves. So sad. So many sick babies. two men were arrested who sold fresh milk . they would water it down and then add melamine. they sold about three tons of this watered down, contaminated milk a day. eighteen people have been arrested. Products affected range from yogurt to ice cream. I know someone whose husband is in hospital with kidney stones and they are now concerned it is related. They have lived here for 2 years. We are being very cautious. They had pulled some ice cream bars from the market but they are also saying that the amount of contamination found in them was not harmful. So nice of them to monitor my intake.

Friday, September 19, 2008

yeah, it is friday!

It has been quite a week. Not that anything major happened. I just felt a little harried and was yet again a work-widow. All the little things that normally you just blow off bothered me. This week I think I would have rather been in the states. People are always amazed for some reason that I am doing all right and not feeling overwhelmed about being in a foreign place. I usually feel kind of guilty for not losing it or like I should be being needy. This week I would have liked to indulge that behaviour. Monday morning Parrish wrote all over the wall. Luckily it was in pencil and I scrubbed it off with an eraser. I know someone who is living here that had to buy new wallpaper because their daughter drew a lovely mural. Then Parrish got gum stuck in his hair. We decided it was time to go to the playground. We saw a lovely butterfly, black with beautiful aqua spots. This tided us over for a while. One of the good moments of the week.

On tuesday Gwendolyn had ballet and I forgot to pack her costume. I don't know about other little ballerinas but for my girls it is all about the pretty costume. Then walking home my favorite lands end flip flop broke and I had to try to slap my way home. Finally I decided it was better to just walk barefoot. Crossing the crosswalk, Bronwyn was not paying attention - a must - and then had to endure a lecture from her mum. Something to the effect of how she must pay attention because the drivers don't care if they run her down or not. They would just kill you and drive on. She said I sounded just like the mom from the incredibles when she told her kids that the bad guys would kill them. They weren't like tv characters. hmmm, if only i had some of her other gifts and not only the nagging gift - can we call it that?

Then I saw these flowers that remind me always of my mom. She had a lovely sweater chain, that I coveted, with these flowers on each side. I would put on my cardigan and clip a flower on each side and admire. I pass them everyday and I love them. Funny how a simple thing that you see everyday can make you smile and turn everything around. Hoping for a great weekend! love to all
here are some pictures from the week:

Posing for a picture in front of our future housing complex.

Walking home from school. Remind you of anyone you know? At least he is not driving yet.

The daily tai-chi class.

doing tai-chi or being a gangster. you choose.

Monday, September 15, 2008

happy, happy, joy, joy, joy!

I thought this was an amazing video and thought i would share it with you. It just makes you smile. You can be happy no matter where you are. Be happy today! It is life-altering. I love you all.

I want to hear your comments and if you haven't signed up as a follower - I am waiting.

Friday, September 12, 2008

mid-autumn festival

who is that stranger in blue?

Bronwyn tries her hand at filling up a cup with a water-gun.

Gwendolyn and Dad have a go!
look at my cool lantern!
Here is a site with the story of the mid autumn festival. The hotel threw this party so we thought we would share some of it with you.

there are not words to express the pain and disbelief that this act caused. it still seems so surreal. My heart goes out to all affected.

9/11 commemorative quilt

Thursday, September 11, 2008

second guessing

I have to tell you that I have been so excited for the last week to have found a house in the location that I wish and that has enough space for my family and all our junk. This morning I met with the realtor and, with the help of Larry's assistant Maggie, went to walk through the house to note any repairs, etc.

Then it happened. I stepped onto the front step and didn't see the potential I initially had seen.
Instead I saw the bent mailbox and the peeling paint. Walking inside I was greeted by walls covered with dirty fingerprints and smelly dog carpet. It didn't help that my driver was walking around shaking his head and giving his opinions. Maggie saying that now she had seen this (very old, smelly house) she could get a better deal.

OK, so let's regroup. They are pulling up the ugly, smelly, super blue carpet. They are repainting and fixing all that I ask. Remy and Bronwyn will have their own room and there is a playroom and a large master. It is super close to church and there are lots of kids in the neighborhood. Once I have my own things inside. My things, all the things I love, it will be great. yeah!

Thanks for the boost!

Monday, September 08, 2008

a little hello

here is a little propaganda for you. it says Empty talk endangers the nation, practical work brings prosperity.

hello to all my fellow bloggers - all three of you. I haven't written in a few days so thought I would loop a bit. all is well here. We had a nice visit from Uncle Jeff this weekend. We carted him around to do things like stand in the heat during soccer practice and walk in the rain for some food. We really enjoyed having him and hope for a return visit.

I think we have a house but I am afraid to be too committed until all papers are signed. It is in a great location and in the community that I wanted. Pictures of house later.

Here are a few pictures. I really just wanted to say hello!

we love uncle jeff !!!

our little soccer girl

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

yum, yum, eww.

Today after the three oldest were in school. Parrish and I, with the kind help of Larry's assistant and our driver, went out to get me a cell phone and to do a bit of shopping. After procurring the much needed cell phone we went off to lunch. Lunch was yummy with lots of slurping, evidentally a good sign. Parrish and I did have to make a quick trip to the loo. It was a fairly clean one so not so bad. Here are our pics:parrish cleaning his chopsticks
i chose the noodles with mushrooms. quite tasty!
dumplings, bean curd and in the front is what i understand to be lotus root. i really liked it, the sauce was a bit spicy. yum.
don't fall in!
Oh, to be a boy!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Shenzhen Daily News

Here are a few of the stories in the Shenzhen Daily - the English daily paper.
Man gets death for killing 6 police in Shanghai -
He had been arrested previously for riding an unlicensed bicycle. He tried to sue the officers for psychological damage but the courts rejected the claim. He marched into the police station and started stabbing officers and set a fire. Can you believe that he was deemed psychologically fit to stand trial?
Rat meat in demand as inflation bites
good thing I do not live in Cambodia as I have to have my Rat meat.
Mortar shell found in vegetable patch
A woman ploughing her veggie patch found a mortar thought to be left by the Japanese in the 1940's
French workers biggest whiners, Irish the happiest.
what will we spend money studying next? I always knew that about the French anyway.