Monday, March 16, 2009

i am trying to post some pics and such today, but as i cannot locate the cord to my camera this may be tricky. wish me luck.

kid happenings :

remy has a birthday this week. hitting the big twelve. what a milestone! it definitely feels like we are turning the corner and moving into a new phase. sunday was his last sunday in primary sharing time. it is off to young men's. i cannot believe it.

bronwyn and gwendolyn spent their weekend with their new neighborhood friends. a bevy of girls ranging from 4 to 10. they scooter up and down the road, have water fights with the boys across the street, much to the street guards dismay. picnic in the park. they spent all saturday afternoon out and about and at 6 they were still raring to go. i love it!

parrish has some friends on the street aswell. there is tyler and then emma and leslie, twins.
we hosted emma and leslie this weekend. spent time in the park and playing with the doll houses at home. parrish calls this house his new house. i wonder when it will just become home.

check back later for pictures