Monday, May 12, 2008

Today is Mother's Day - Dia das Maes. I am trying to remember that as I sit here with cheese sauce and snot on my shirt front. Being a mother is hard work but with it comes great blessings, and joy. We had a special presentation during primary sharing time today. all the primary moms were invited and each brought a picture of their child as an infant. Everyone tried to guess who the babies were and then the mom's each got up and talked about their child. It was clear to me that a mother's greatest joy is her children. No matter what is happening with a particular child a mother's love is limitless. As I watched the mother's tell about their children I could see the love on their faces and on the faces of their adoring children.

I have wondered lately how my own mother felt while away from her family and friends raising four children in a foreign land. I never thought about it until I was in the same situation. It must have been difficult since every other month she was on her own while Dad was offshore.

I came across this post and thought I would post it since it never happened when it should have sorry for the lapse. I think it never got finished.