Thursday, November 27, 2008


today - thanksgiving - i walk to school like i do most days to pick up the poppets. i leave my hotel and head down the tree-lined streets on my 5 minute walk, 10 - 15 with parrish. the streets are clean and well maintained with a lane for bikes and a lane for pedestrians. parrish jumps from one section of the pavement to another, picking up sticks to wave in front of him, until he discovers how dirty this makes his hands.

we cross the road at the traffic light being ever alert that everyone is actually going to stop at the light and checking for bikes. we pass men having a break from work. they all stare in wonder at his blonde hair and try to touch him, not caring that he glares at them and quickly runs away. they laugh. we pass the men playing a gambling game. they squat down on the ground coins in hand, little pieces of torn cardboard for playing pieces.

across from the school there is a park with benches and landscaping. areas to sit and relax. in contrast, in the front of the school we wind our way through the people waving metal tins at us. shouts of hello, hello. deformed limbs and slow minds. sometimes we give a bit of something to eat, a package of bread, an apple, but today, of all days i have nothing.

i am so thankful for the many blessings i have. so thankful to have the opportunity to see and know what the world is, the wonderful and the sad. thankful that my children might not take for granted all they have. i hope you all have a blessed day. a day to remember the blessings of an abundant land, a day to share with not only those we love, but to also give to those who have not.