Monday, September 22, 2008

tainted milk

I am spending my morning pouring out all my fresh milk and making sure that I have no more dairy related products on my shelves. So sad. So many sick babies. two men were arrested who sold fresh milk . they would water it down and then add melamine. they sold about three tons of this watered down, contaminated milk a day. eighteen people have been arrested. Products affected range from yogurt to ice cream. I know someone whose husband is in hospital with kidney stones and they are now concerned it is related. They have lived here for 2 years. We are being very cautious. They had pulled some ice cream bars from the market but they are also saying that the amount of contamination found in them was not harmful. So nice of them to monitor my intake.

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Elizabeth said...

It baffles the mind that people can be so greedy and mean. Wouldn't it be a nice time if you whole family was lactose intolerant?