Thursday, October 09, 2008

celebrate you

During the course of some actual me time reading, I came across an article about aspiring to be more. This particular writer was trying to inspire people to be extraordinary. It struck me because we should always be striving to be more, to do better, but is there a time when we should say "hey, it wasn't perfect, but it was good."? Of course we should. You may think that I am championing mediocrity, such is not the case. I think we should always strive for the best, but I see many women who have a difficult time not achieving to the highest degree, when often they have been successful and maybe they didn't attain the level they were aiming at but they did go higher than the time before. We should give ourselves a break and learn to be happy with our accomplishments. When we accept ourselves and are happy with all we do we end up being more productive and more able to move forward and do better and better. So today I challenge you to cut yourself some slack. be happy with who and where you are.

some things to do to celebrate you:

1. laugh

2.have a spa day or at least a pedicure

3. look at your amazing children - you were a contributing factor.

4. blow bubbles

5. make a gratitude wordle!

and many more - write to me and tell me what you do. can't wait to hear from you