Friday, November 13, 2009


today is friday the 13th. i suppose that means that i am just going to have a stinky day and i should just accept this. i have read that friday the 13th is actually one of the safest days. fewer accidents are reported on this day because i suppose the world is full of superstitious people who either in fear do not venture out or are just extra careful.

in honor of the day here are a few friday the 13th myths:

  • a child born on this day will be unlucky for life but their lucky day will be friday the 13th

  • if you cut your hair on this day someone in your family will die.

  • if a funeral passes you on friday the 13th you will be the next to die.

  • bad luck will befall you if a black cat crosses your path.

so for today friends, beware. try not to crash your car, or fall down the stairs. please don't light yourself on fire or walk under any ladders.

what superstitions do you have if any?