Monday, October 27, 2008

pizza hut salad

Saturday we went to pizza hut for lunch. They have a salad bar and you can have one trip with your bowl. It costs about 30rmb, so around 5 dollars. I wish I had my video camera or even my digital, but alas I wasn't on top of my game last week. Anyway they buy one bowl to share and then take 30 minutes creating this huge artful tower. It is enough to feed eight. One person places the items in the bowl while another directs. It is amazing. I must hang out there more often. Two preteen girls were constructing their salad bowl and when they finished they headed back to their table but their mother got up and made them go back because they didn't have a tall enough tower. I cannot tell you how enthralled I was with the whole process. making the base and then creating a sort of wall on the sides of the bowl to hold it all in. I did find a you tube movie about it. I must tell you though that the salad in the video is nothing compared to what we saw. I know one of the bowls was at least 6 inches tall with cantaloupe walls. When I come home I am going to try this at chuck e. cheese and see what happens. you think they will revoke my privileges?

Monday, October 20, 2008

someone hearts me

well, what a surprise i got today when i was reading all my favorite blogs. someone hearts me and gave me an award. thank you ballerina girl. There are some rules that go with this so pay attention in case you are the next honoree.

link to the person who gave the award.

pass it to 7 others and link to them

leave a message so they are aware they have been gifted

so first on my list is i just recently came across this blog and it fulfills my need to hear of all things expat.

then we have i love the writing and different opinions mostly by women.

a blog i found in looking for people living in china. nice to have a companion wherever you are.

this is my mom who just started her blog

britty and kenny the cutest newlyweds i know

this final site speaks to my creative side inspiring me to do something creative each day.

i hope you all enjoy these blogs as much as i do and do not forget to visit ballerina girl, my friend living in my one of my favorite brasilian places.

Friday, October 17, 2008

gloves, anyone?

last night I bought pizza for dinner and upon opening the bag found these plastic gloves. We had a good laugh. Often here you will be given gloves when eating food that may require you to use fingers.

To those of you who read this blog in the hopes of seeing grandchildren, nieces, nephews, here are a few pictures .
presbyopic at such an early age.

cupcake birthday cake made by the birthday girl herself - gwendolyn

one of the birthday gifts - hong kong disneyland teaset

bronwyn painted my hair pink and blue - do you like it? Three weeks later and some pink can still be seen. The scabs and head-bump are from a fall at the theme park. it was quite a goose egg.

the ferris wheel at ocean park. This theme park is built on a mountain. This made some of the rides even more thrilling and amazing. Remy didn't ride a lot of rides for fear they would break down and roll into the sea.

beautiful girls

can I wear your hat, Mickey?

we all had a really good time. Hopefully we will get to go again.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

hopes and fears

Parrish is sleeping peacefully. A thing that is not happening everyday now. The moments that I steal for myself are few. In twenty minutes these rooms will be full of noise. The sounds of children returning from school, of laughing and living. Often these noises drive me crazy, but right now in the quiet I miss the sweet voices of my children about their business. Soon my youngest will be off to school and the truth is that I will miss him. For almost 8 years I have always had a child at home. My life as an expat has always been about my children. I wonder and fear if I will lose the connectedness that I feel with my children as they start to gain their independence. I suppose it is the way of things and as they grow and move on to the next phase so must I.

After the birth of Parrish, I had a diffcult time coming to grips with the fact that there would be no more pregnancies, no more babies. For a year or more maybe I struggled with this, trying to move on to my next phase. I think that I have, but I have done it with sadness instead of embracing what the next phase brings to me. As my children grow and mature though, I wonder and fear that I am not giving them all that I can, not being the example I should, not making and cherishing the most of their short time with me. So much to fear, but I will not let it drown out all my hopes and dreams. I am a mother who sees and knows what these sweet souls can become. I am honored to guide them to their next phase and I will smile with the knowledge that they know who they are and where they want to go. Soon I will be sending them into the world brave and bright and shining.

Friday, October 10, 2008

post changes

changes can be good. I am a person who likes tweaking things. I like color and I like not too fussy. Yesterday, feeling like I couldn't really relate to my blog, I found myself searching through the cutest blog on the block and pyzam to find a new background that said, me. Bronwyn and Gwendolyn have the cutest backgrounds from pyzam, but I couldn't find anything that fit and the cutest blog site was a little too fussy for me. I decided to just use a pop of color and seeing that I was feeling in need of a happy color I chose yellow. I loved it. It was a beautiful, bright, I dare you to not feel cheery, sunshiny yellow. I must say that it was not my intention to hurt ballerina girl's eyes or make her run for the sunglasses. Since we love to hear from her and would hate to lose her as a blogina I have toned it down. Hope you like the yellow. Doesn't it make you smile?

this is artwork by jill morton. I love the colors.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

celebrate you

During the course of some actual me time reading, I came across an article about aspiring to be more. This particular writer was trying to inspire people to be extraordinary. It struck me because we should always be striving to be more, to do better, but is there a time when we should say "hey, it wasn't perfect, but it was good."? Of course we should. You may think that I am championing mediocrity, such is not the case. I think we should always strive for the best, but I see many women who have a difficult time not achieving to the highest degree, when often they have been successful and maybe they didn't attain the level they were aiming at but they did go higher than the time before. We should give ourselves a break and learn to be happy with our accomplishments. When we accept ourselves and are happy with all we do we end up being more productive and more able to move forward and do better and better. So today I challenge you to cut yourself some slack. be happy with who and where you are.

some things to do to celebrate you:

1. laugh

2.have a spa day or at least a pedicure

3. look at your amazing children - you were a contributing factor.

4. blow bubbles

5. make a gratitude wordle!

and many more - write to me and tell me what you do. can't wait to hear from you

Monday, October 06, 2008

help, help, help

ok, major blogger issues going on. no, i am not very computer literate, but give me a break. instead of my wordle picture or my you tube video i just get the address line (see i don't even know the official term). bear with me i will figure it out. i cannot view videos - a china thing i am told. so sorry about the wordle picture but it does work by clicking on the link.

signed, helpless blogger


I love to read. I love they way others can put words together and create the perfect visual. Something of which I am envious. To be able to communicate with others, to be able to convey with words a feeling, to truly have the reader identify and connect to those feelings is a gift. In my primary class we were talking about having no words to express things. This really struck me. We talked about trying to explain what salt was, how it tastes without using the word salty. Explaining it to someone who had never had salt before. Words can be powerful and knowing how to use them is indeed a skill. My older sister once introduced me to a writing tool she called looping. Something I still like to do. For me looping is just writing without worrying about form or content; just what comes into your head. It can be freeing and sometimes it is amazing what comes out when you just let the pen flow. I found through a blogging friend this site I love this site and the random way the words are arranged can feel like poetry. It is addictive and you don't have any control as to how the words are arranged. try it.
title="Wordle: addresses"> src=""
style="padding:4px;border:1px solid #ddd">

this is my "word cloud" with all the places I have lived.