Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Shenzhen Daily News

Here are a few of the stories in the Shenzhen Daily - the English daily paper.
Man gets death for killing 6 police in Shanghai -
He had been arrested previously for riding an unlicensed bicycle. He tried to sue the officers for psychological damage but the courts rejected the claim. He marched into the police station and started stabbing officers and set a fire. Can you believe that he was deemed psychologically fit to stand trial?
Rat meat in demand as inflation bites
good thing I do not live in Cambodia as I have to have my Rat meat.
Mortar shell found in vegetable patch
A woman ploughing her veggie patch found a mortar thought to be left by the Japanese in the 1940's
French workers biggest whiners, Irish the happiest.
what will we spend money studying next? I always knew that about the French anyway.