Tuesday, June 03, 2008

well, you may be thinking negatively right now about my blog but in my defense i am moving and very busy sitting around thinking about all the things i should be doing.

the weather here has been rainy bringing with it a cool low 70's to high 60's. perfect. if you are brasilian you have donned your ski jacket and bundled your little one up in 6 layers of warm things. it makes me feel like it is fall. i always loved fall. you know the beginning of school, football games, frito pies, and hot chocolate. unusual for me to be here during cooler weather, sometimes when we return from summer in the states it can be chilly, but usually it doesn't happen before we leave for break.

moving along though. larry is still in china. he will be returning on the 7th to assist with packing and come to the states for a bit. i am already missing brasil. last week i went to the school and parked and began my ascent up the long flight of stairs which leads to the campus. it was quiet and i was the only person about. looking up into the trees there were four medium sized monkeys. not the tiny ones you usually see. they were jumping about and eating. they were very unconcerned with me. i was then late for my meeting since i stood and watched for quite a while. close to gwendolyn's classroom there are some macaws living in the trees and we have even seen a toucan. the campus is quite lovely it is like a big tree-house.

so just a little short post. more later.