Thursday, September 11, 2008

second guessing

I have to tell you that I have been so excited for the last week to have found a house in the location that I wish and that has enough space for my family and all our junk. This morning I met with the realtor and, with the help of Larry's assistant Maggie, went to walk through the house to note any repairs, etc.

Then it happened. I stepped onto the front step and didn't see the potential I initially had seen.
Instead I saw the bent mailbox and the peeling paint. Walking inside I was greeted by walls covered with dirty fingerprints and smelly dog carpet. It didn't help that my driver was walking around shaking his head and giving his opinions. Maggie saying that now she had seen this (very old, smelly house) she could get a better deal.

OK, so let's regroup. They are pulling up the ugly, smelly, super blue carpet. They are repainting and fixing all that I ask. Remy and Bronwyn will have their own room and there is a playroom and a large master. It is super close to church and there are lots of kids in the neighborhood. Once I have my own things inside. My things, all the things I love, it will be great. yeah!

Thanks for the boost!