Thursday, August 28, 2008

settling in

videoWell, we almost have a full week of school under our belts. School started last Thursday but was cancelled Friday for the typhoon - which i must say was not impressive. I have been in much worse in Texas and Louisiana. So on Monday we truly got to dig in and meet new friends and begin to feel like, yes, we really are here to stay. Remy is so thrilled to be in a different school from the girls, feeling very grown up in middle school. He is off to a good start and has even signed up for touch rugby. I think he will love it. Bronwyn had a bet with her dad that there would be no Brasilians in her class. He thought he would win since there is a large number of Brasilian families here. She won. the next day she met about four girls her age from another class and they were sambaing - excuse the spelling - all day. She is my little Carioca at heart. she signed up for drama class and is very happy. Gwendolyn is making friends and already has a party this weekend. She is loving her class and true to form has chosen Two boys to be friends with. We have been asked to do some modeling - Bronwyn is excited. All the blondish kids get solicited. They just hang out at the school waiting for the moms and evidently many people have done it. Personally I don't feel like putting my children on exhibit even more than they already are

In anticipation of school we went grocery shopping. Did I know there are over 1.3 billion people in China? Yes, I did. Did I realize what this meant. No. It means claustrophobia. No personal space. We went to Sam's and it took us three plus hours to do the shopping. By the time we left I thought Bronwyn might have a meltdown. Too many people touching, looking, GAWKING. She survived. Here are a few grocery shelf offerings.

I couldn't convince my kids that the fish and turtles were not for pets. There was also alligator but for obvious reasons not live. Of course these are some of the more tame things to eat though. Jackie Chan is everywhere endorsing everything from soap to frozen dumplings.