Friday, September 19, 2008

yeah, it is friday!

It has been quite a week. Not that anything major happened. I just felt a little harried and was yet again a work-widow. All the little things that normally you just blow off bothered me. This week I think I would have rather been in the states. People are always amazed for some reason that I am doing all right and not feeling overwhelmed about being in a foreign place. I usually feel kind of guilty for not losing it or like I should be being needy. This week I would have liked to indulge that behaviour. Monday morning Parrish wrote all over the wall. Luckily it was in pencil and I scrubbed it off with an eraser. I know someone who is living here that had to buy new wallpaper because their daughter drew a lovely mural. Then Parrish got gum stuck in his hair. We decided it was time to go to the playground. We saw a lovely butterfly, black with beautiful aqua spots. This tided us over for a while. One of the good moments of the week.

On tuesday Gwendolyn had ballet and I forgot to pack her costume. I don't know about other little ballerinas but for my girls it is all about the pretty costume. Then walking home my favorite lands end flip flop broke and I had to try to slap my way home. Finally I decided it was better to just walk barefoot. Crossing the crosswalk, Bronwyn was not paying attention - a must - and then had to endure a lecture from her mum. Something to the effect of how she must pay attention because the drivers don't care if they run her down or not. They would just kill you and drive on. She said I sounded just like the mom from the incredibles when she told her kids that the bad guys would kill them. They weren't like tv characters. hmmm, if only i had some of her other gifts and not only the nagging gift - can we call it that?

Then I saw these flowers that remind me always of my mom. She had a lovely sweater chain, that I coveted, with these flowers on each side. I would put on my cardigan and clip a flower on each side and admire. I pass them everyday and I love them. Funny how a simple thing that you see everyday can make you smile and turn everything around. Hoping for a great weekend! love to all


Ballerina Girl said...

hey girl!
I love the B just looked at it and sighed!
Your B is growing!
About the week...BREATHE...
the only thing to do, right?! Try the thai chi..looks relaxing and very cool!
Have a great adventurous weekend!

lizzy-loo said...

bg - i am glad b liked it. we miss her. thanks for being my blog buddy.

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad you had some pick me ups (butterfly, flowers, gangster Parrish) during your rough week. Here's to better weeks!