Thursday, November 19, 2009

in the news

baby dies while doctor plays game online

this 5 month old baby was admitted to the hospital with and eye infection. the infection led to swelling within the babies skull. the family had been told all was all right. after a few hours the baby boy died.
a few days before this 10 patients who were having laser eye procedures got infections because the opthalmic center used the same laser machine they had used to do experiments on animals.
there is a lot of negligence and malpractice in chinese hospitals. china has had over 10,000 lawsuits over medical disputes since 2002. healthcare reforms are being called for.
the u.s. healthcare system looks pretty good from where i sit.
i leave you with a cbs obama visits china video.

many of these souveniers have now been banned. i am not sure if it is out of respect for obama or mao.