Friday, October 10, 2008

post changes

changes can be good. I am a person who likes tweaking things. I like color and I like not too fussy. Yesterday, feeling like I couldn't really relate to my blog, I found myself searching through the cutest blog on the block and pyzam to find a new background that said, me. Bronwyn and Gwendolyn have the cutest backgrounds from pyzam, but I couldn't find anything that fit and the cutest blog site was a little too fussy for me. I decided to just use a pop of color and seeing that I was feeling in need of a happy color I chose yellow. I loved it. It was a beautiful, bright, I dare you to not feel cheery, sunshiny yellow. I must say that it was not my intention to hurt ballerina girl's eyes or make her run for the sunglasses. Since we love to hear from her and would hate to lose her as a blogina I have toned it down. Hope you like the yellow. Doesn't it make you smile?

this is artwork by jill morton. I love the colors.