Monday, October 27, 2008

pizza hut salad

Saturday we went to pizza hut for lunch. They have a salad bar and you can have one trip with your bowl. It costs about 30rmb, so around 5 dollars. I wish I had my video camera or even my digital, but alas I wasn't on top of my game last week. Anyway they buy one bowl to share and then take 30 minutes creating this huge artful tower. It is enough to feed eight. One person places the items in the bowl while another directs. It is amazing. I must hang out there more often. Two preteen girls were constructing their salad bowl and when they finished they headed back to their table but their mother got up and made them go back because they didn't have a tall enough tower. I cannot tell you how enthralled I was with the whole process. making the base and then creating a sort of wall on the sides of the bowl to hold it all in. I did find a you tube movie about it. I must tell you though that the salad in the video is nothing compared to what we saw. I know one of the bowls was at least 6 inches tall with cantaloupe walls. When I come home I am going to try this at chuck e. cheese and see what happens. you think they will revoke my privileges?