Monday, October 06, 2008


I love to read. I love they way others can put words together and create the perfect visual. Something of which I am envious. To be able to communicate with others, to be able to convey with words a feeling, to truly have the reader identify and connect to those feelings is a gift. In my primary class we were talking about having no words to express things. This really struck me. We talked about trying to explain what salt was, how it tastes without using the word salty. Explaining it to someone who had never had salt before. Words can be powerful and knowing how to use them is indeed a skill. My older sister once introduced me to a writing tool she called looping. Something I still like to do. For me looping is just writing without worrying about form or content; just what comes into your head. It can be freeing and sometimes it is amazing what comes out when you just let the pen flow. I found through a blogging friend this site I love this site and the random way the words are arranged can feel like poetry. It is addictive and you don't have any control as to how the words are arranged. try it.
title="Wordle: addresses"> src=""
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this is my "word cloud" with all the places I have lived.

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