Friday, February 11, 2011

still in china

thanks everyone for your kind comments and thoughts.  no, i haven't fallen off the edge of the earth,  i'm still here!  eager to get on with life and blogging, and of course catching up with all of you.  many of you have moved and had great changes in my year of no blogging.  i will be so happy to catch up with you and to peep in on you.

before summer vacation my family took a 10 day china trip.  we went to some places we had been wanting to see and i had been meaning to share some of the images but, of course, never did.  i am going to do this now.  enjoy.

we spent a few days in beijing.  i had so much fun and there was so much to do that i would love to return and have a more relaxed visit.  not always as fun to cram more in to your time.  i like to relax and enjoy my time.  anyway,  first we visited the forbidden city.  there was quite a crowd and the non-queueing ( which translates to pushing, shoving, and dog eat dog atmosphere) was at its best.

holding hands so they don't get seperated

the iconic view of the front of the forbidden city

dragon rubbed shiny and smooth by the many fingers walking past.  i hope they all received good luck.  i rubbed extra hard. this was around a window frame.

all right guys,  i am having trouble loading my pics has taken me three hours to load two pics will try again this evening


mythopolis said...

How wonderful to be able to go there! Look forward to more glimpses. Welcome back to blog land!

Andrea said...

Love the pictures!Welcome back!