Wednesday, November 25, 2009

magical reindeer gems

for a mere 20 dollars you could purchase that unique gift you are looking for. the gift that will put all others to shame. yes we are talking about the gift that is sure to be on everyone's list.

limited edition

reindeer dung necklaces.

i know 20 dollars may seem steep so if you are on a budget you could opt for the $7.50 ornament instead.

evidently there is a zoo in illinois that has the dung dehydrated and sterilized. wouldn't you like that to be on your resume? reindeer dung sterilizer. anyway, so they dehydrate, string them, add a little paint and glitter and presto, the world's most sought after christmas gift. do you give this to people you like? i do know people who have received "crap" for christmas only they didn't get any glitter with it.

maybe i should buy a pet and go into business for myself. magical goldfish gem bracelets. guinea pig gem earrings. it could be a thriving enterprise. so if you are looking for that gift for the person who has everything, or maybe someone who loves to recycle this is the gift for you.


Judith said...

uhhhhh I think I have enough poop jewelry already. My ear nose throat doctor would prob be allergic to it. She is allergic to everything else. hmmmmm dunno

Cairo Typ0 said...

I wonder if it's too late to order one for my MIL for xmas. :P

lizzy-loo said...

do you think it would improve relations?

mythopolis said...

I am just launching into chicken farming, so this gives me a wonderful idea of what to do with those little poops. I can string them, and paint them pearlescent....chicken pearls! Thanks a lot for this idea. If you want a % you have to handle packaging and distribution.