Monday, November 16, 2009

favorite quotes

“ Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own."

Carol Burnett

i like this quote. i think i have written before about how much i love words. it is indeed sad to me that i am not the master of words. i am a terrible writer but i truly appreciate the way others can put them together. i wonder though what carol burnett was speaking of. was it something that she said, or another. i smell a scandal.


Cairo Typ0 said...

I am admittedly rather cynical but i'm guessing she was talking about something tabloid related. That said, i love the quote. :)

BLOGitse said...

The quote is YES!
Life is not fair - you know more words in English than me.
I just add word after word and wish
that my funny/strange way to express myself is clear, what I mean...
I use funny/strange expression in Finnish too!
Like: come on, don't be a handkerchief! :)

Gabriela said...

I like the quote too-regardless of what she was talking about.

Good to see you're up and blogging again.

Say hi to the kids for us!