Saturday, May 02, 2009

after the rain

after a morning of hard rain my camera and i took a walk. we thought we would share some of our findings with you.

after the rain


quiet tree lined streets

the roots of drippy trees. these roots just crawl down from the branches and trunk. they are amazing and i just love them.

scootering through puddles


girls and umbrellas

shiny mailboxes


mythopolis said...

Great pics! Those roots are awesome! The girls look cute and look like they are having fun! (Ah, to be a kid again!) I am glad you commented on my blog, since I lost all my blog links - and in the course of re-constructing it, I couldn't remember your blog address. But now, I can link you again! Cool! Looking forward to more adventures of you and fam! : )

Gabriela said...

I looks very green there, and pretty. And looks like the kids have some space to run and play-that's nice. :)

Christine Gram said...

Oh amazing photos! Isn't it great to be outside after the rain? And your earlier post reminded me I have some avocado to add to my salad.

Ballerina Girl said...

nice...rainy here off and on too!
the tree is amazing...
and of course, the kids look great, very happy!
hope all is well!


Cairo Typ0 said...

Beautiful pics!! Looks like you enjoyed a nice happy rain. :)

Terresa said...

the tree roots & reflections photos are amazing. Looks like a lovely spot of the world.

Sharon said...

Found you through the lovebus and wanted to say beautiful shots!!

Charity Joy Bell Childs said...

You've won a blog award! Come pick it up at my blog! :)