Thursday, April 09, 2009

art or vandalism?

i came upon this photo and was amazed - as always - at the creativity of others.

i also was filled with sadness for is there anything lovlier than a book?

some of them are simply aesthetic while others more practical. i have books stacked all over my house awaiting the arrival of new bookshelves. maybe i should think of an alternate solution - a bookshelf made from books perhaps, but what would i put on it?

let me know what you think, art or vandalism?


mythopolis said...

Well, bibliophiles might find it objectionable, but, with respect to the works depicted, I would not think of them as vandalism. No law or boundary has been violated. Destroying or defacing a rare book, burning down a library, etc. would constitute vandalism or crime. I think the work shown here is fascinating...the book as an art or architectural medium. That's my take on it! And now I am getting ideas about what to do with last year's phone book! : )

Ballerina Girl said...

I agree with Myth... quite beautiful art!

Andrea said...

See I must be really simple.
I think the written word is a treasure. At first glance- I thought "What?!?!"
Although I am quite sure that these books are the property of the artist( so it would not be a crime)..I just makes me sad to see them used as anything other than what they were meant for.
We love books,too.
There in a used book store in Chatanooga,TN- 7 hours from where we live. If we are even CLOSE..we have to go there.
My chidren walk in always comment on the "wonderful smell of old" books.
You found some neat pictures,though.


mythopolis said...

Another way to put it, is that these are an homage to the book...or the importance of the book. As with religious icons of all kinds, these works make books iconic. I think making a book shelf out of books is a very creative notion! : )
The smell of books...I stayed with some book collector friends of mine in Portland. They put me up on a cot in their walk-in closet which was shelved on all sides with books. I fell asleep breathing books. It was pleasant, and reminded me of sleeping in my grandmother's house where every wall, every piece of furniture seemed to have embedded in it, the smell of years of cooking.

Gabriela said...

hmmmm, very intresting. I think some of them are pretty cool-I like the chair.

kawaii crafter said...

the top piece has to be my favorite, just breathtaking

Judith said...

Well. It is art and I have heard from a very good source that these folks only use a book in their art if they have three other copies of that book. :)

lizzy-loo said...

btw my favorite is the blocks

GutsyWriter said...

I think this is art and would gladly have some of them as they'd make great conversation pieces.

Terresa said...

As a degree-holding public Librarian and OCD fiction reader, I think this stuff is art. :) Esp if it's just old recycled, moldy books. Just my .02.

Charity Joy Bell Childs said...

A bookshelf made from THAT's an idea!!!!!