Monday, March 30, 2009

a few days in hong kong

we have been trying to get our visas completed since we arrived here. thursday we took the kids out of school and went to hong kong to finally get our z visas. we planned on spending the night since we would pick the visas up on friday.

the morning ferry from shekou to hong kong

a little nap before arrival

we checked into our hotel and then headed over to the visa office. we then found out we needed more documentation. we headed back to the hotel to make a plan. it was decided that i would travel back to shekou pick up the documentation, make some copies of larry's work contract, get some extra cash and then go back to the visa office while everyone else headed to disneyland.

i took a taxi to the border crossing and walked across. i just love stepping over the big yellow line that leaves hong kong and places you in mainland china - just a step. i got in the car with the driver only to find no house keys or cell phone in my purse. i had taken my phone out in hong kong due to the fact it doesn't work there. i had checked that i had my keys but they were not in my bag. at the house the driver and i run around trying all the windows to no avail. we finally climb into the back yard - something the kids do daily. the yard is below street level and i really felt old and decrepit making my way down the wall. my driver found a window we could get into and he ever so kindly climbed in and opened the door. i jogged up the stairs and something rattled in my pocket - my keys!! i didn't have the nerve to tell the driver i had them the whole time. he already thinks i am a ditzy westerner, and so what if i am, does everyone need to know?

so i did all i needed headed back to hong kong, ferry was cancelled so went back over the border. it is probably faster anyway. paid my 400 hk dollar fare and turned in my visa info. which i successfully picked up the next day. all the while my family was heartbroken and missing me at disneyland. here is the proof:

i think there is a tear in number 1 daughter's eye.

we must take our picture with marie -for mom. we'll smile even though our hearts are breaking.

i will just pull this out as a little gift for my mom.
i think your mom went that way!

you remind us of our mom, may we have a photo.
too bad they had such a hard time being away from me.


Ballerina Girl said...

this post is so funny...
and yes, your kids look heartbroken and in tears!

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Availing the China Z visa is the most tiring thing.. I've done that for over 15 years! I'm somehow glad that we finally have to move..

So sorry for the kids trying to enjoy the disney without you.. Better luck next time..

lizzy-loo said...

loida - i don't think they missed me at all. they had a really good time with their dad who travels a lot. me they see all the time.

i have heard so many z visa stories. are you excited about leaving?

mythopolis said...

Great post..adorable kids! : ) and the key story was so funny...I must say I had a "senior" moment yesterday...I was talking to a friend on my cell, but suddenly remembered I was expecting an important call..I walked around the house talking to my friend while trying to find the cell phone that I was, in fact, talking on at the time! Oooooh! : )

lizzy-loo said...

che - that is so funny, i wish i could attribute it to age but alas those who know me know i would have done the same at 20.

amy larpenter said...

wow beth they do look like there hAVing lots of fun!!! i bet they wish you were there.

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

hi again lizzy-loo, yeah kind of excited yet worried how we'll we can cope up there. i used to have this job for 15 years and i'm afraid to wake up one morning jobless in a far away land.. i'm just glad we're carrying enough courage and skills to keep us afloat.. have a good night with your beautiful family..

Anonymous said...

Clay says you have gone native as he read the captions on your post.


lizzy-loo said...

amy - #2 son did ask me i wasn't there. it is very close to us so there will be other visits.

loida - you are going to do wonderful in your new location. it is hard though when you have been somewhere for so long.

clay - is there any other way to go? when in rome.

Charity Childs-Gevero said...

I wish I could have been there with y'all! :) I would have looooovvveeedddd to have taken that picture with Marie!!!! :)))

lizzy-loo said...

charity - i wasn't there!!!!