Friday, March 06, 2009

comfort food

conversation with number 2 son this morning.

what would you like for breakfast?


we can have tacos for dinner. how about pancakes?

no, i want tacos because the sun is out.

truth be told we have had some unorthodox things for breakfast before. ice cream sundaes, strawberry pie, cold pizza. i don't think i want to make tacos this morning though.

what do you like to eat, and at what time?

i like to drink hot chocolate; it makes me feel calm and cozy. even when you cannot survive without your air conditioner, i like to have a hot chocolate with whipped cream on top. i am not so crazy about the marshmallow part except for the fact that it is aesthetically pleasing. maybe it reminds me of fall evenings, football games, childhood, making snowmen?

so tacos for dinner tonight and maybe he can have tacos for breakfast tomorrow!

here is a little jack johnson with a bit of his own comfort food. i personally would forgo the bananas and throw in a handful of nuts. number 2 daughter would like blueberries.


2L3Bs World said...

hi lizzy-loo,
welcome to china, err, i guess you'd been here long enough?
about the maid, have you found one yet? we might be moving and I wonder if you might want my maid instead? she had worked for us for over 13 years. she is chinese and can understand a little english. but she's very good at looking after the kids. she took care of mine when they were small.
anyway, yeah, take care when you happen to visit dongmen.. it was terrible.

Ballerina Girl said...

hello hello!
I like hot drinks even in the midst of this hot summer we are having! right now, 6:10 am, waiting for the kids to wake for school, I am drinking coffee....last night I had hot tea!
then there are always the fresh juices from of my absolute favorite drinks in Brazil!
Miss you!

Anonymous said...
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mythopolis said...

I love to eat supper left-overs from the night before for breakfast, and then have breakfast in mid-to-late afternoon, tacos are good anytime day or night! Out of curiosity , and not knowing much of the culture, what are dongmen?...or is it a place?...haven't a clue!

mythopolis said...

Never mind, I just googled it...its a major shopping district of some kind?

lizzy-loo said...

2L3Bs - i did get a maid, she doesn't speak english and she is new to working in this kind of situation. it is great because it can all be learned my way, but thanks for the shout out. sorry you are going. email me if you would like. i am really glad you were all ok after your dongmen visit. i can't imagine being as brave as you. i don't think i would have had the nerve to confront someone

bg- i miss the juice and fruit very much.

mythopolis- the story of dongmen is that her son was pickpocketed there and she caught the thief and confronted him and he gave the item back.

Charity Childs-Gevero said...

You mean lizzy-loo don't like marshmallows!?? Aaaawwww....even when they're for dipping in those chocolate fountains on those sticks??? :) :)