Thursday, January 29, 2009

Catching Up

Well, I took a bit of an unexpected break. Now I have so much catching up to do. I will try to catch up on all of your events as quickly as I can. Hopefully you have not completely given up on me. We have had a week off of school and work. Instead of braving the crowds we opted to stay home and relax a bit. Even so Larry has still had emails and phone calls. The kids have enjoyed their time though. Larry's office had a spring festival (what the new year celebration is called) party. When you arrived at the party you are given raffle tickets - they call this lucky draw here. Every time your number was called you would get a red envelope ( they had wal-mart gift cards in them), and be required to drink a shot of rice wine. People would wander between the tables toasting the new year. Happily no one seemed to mind my glass of water instead of wine. In between the lucky draws there was karaoke. Larry, and three others were basically bullied into performing. It was hilarious. Not a singer in the lot. Completely ruined "Uptown Girl" . It was a fun evening though. You can't beat forced inebriation and karaoke.

New Year's Day was quiet. We watched the lion dance, and played monopoly. Later in the day I took a walk and thought I would share with you a photo of two families who have obviously just bought property in the area.

too funny! the Obama and the Palin families are going to be my neighbors. in South America you would always see stars being used to advertise things. my favorite was Sarah Michelle Gellar's big toothy grin on top of a dentists office. I did laugh very hard when I saw this realty sign though.

Monday I am finally moving into my house! I promised myself that this move I would not have a long hotel wait until I was able to be settled. As you can see I lied. I am so excited though. I can't wait to get started, and feel really settled. Now I have to interview maids and do all that stuff. Yahoo!


Ballerina Girl said...

say hello the the new neighbors for me :)
and no worries, I am still checking on you!
Good luck with the house, maids and everything else that comes along with the move!


Andrea said...

Happy New Year!

We LOVED the advertising while in China!
The was a cell phone ad with a lifesize picture of BRAD PITT...Now why don't we have that here????


Gabriela said...

Yes, we love having our George Clooney coffee shop right up the street.

And I think forced inebriation and Karaoke sounds pretty good-I'd need to be drunk before I'd do it. :)

Glad you're back. :) Still missing you in Primary now that it's my kids and Sophia.

Judith said...

Well, just don't get into the middle of any disagreements your neighbors may have. I don't think those groups always see eye to eye. :)

Charity Childs-Gevero said...

You're neighbors with the President? In China? much!?!

I have missed have been away for ages....

I'm glad to have you back!

Tell G I'm waiting for a new post from her, too!



Andrea said...

Thank you so much for stopping by- I love your blog.
I loved China while we were there. I cried when we got on the plane to come home. Your pictures are the REAL China. I just enjoy the heck out of them.
Congrats on the new house.
Thank you most of all for your kind word. We get alot of critism. Our large family tends to draw attention and the fact that we will go back until the CHINESE tell us to "stay away" doesn't seem to go over very well with alot of people.
But that's Ok.Stacy and I have decided that when we leave this world we want to have done and loved SO much that we are completely worn slap out.
Looks like you guys are doing the same. ;)
Please come by and visit us again.


2L3Bs World said...

hi there nice meeting you in the blog world.. glad to know that you and your family are also here in China and experiencing the exciting life here as we do.. Have a nice day..