Tuesday, December 23, 2008

what christmas means to me

What Christmas means to me.

The memories of childhood Christmases fill my mind, as I watch my own children and hope their memories are as sweet as mine. My first memory is of my mom locked in her room. What was she doing in there? Finishing up those last minute wrappings and sewing the final seams of a doll. The next memorable Christmas is also my favorite. I received a pink ruffled parasol I had been coveting and a large stack of books.

Christmas is filled with these memories. Memories of family. Finding the perfect gift for the family member whose name I had drawn. I got my mom three years in a row. Sleeping with my sisters and waking up at three. Opening our stockings while waiting for our parents to wake. My dad's ho ho ho as he came down the stairs. Memories of Christmas lamps - a story for another time - and snowmen.

We never forgot what the real meaning of Christmas was though. Every Christmas eve we would sing carols and read the Christmas story from the book of Luke. Then we were trundled off to bed after leaving cookies and milk for Santa.

Now I am building new Christmas memories and traditions with my children. Our memories will be full of warm tropical picnics on the beach. Santa in his speedo. Hotel Christmases. Chinese ornaments. But we will carry on our own Christmas eve telling of the Christ's birth. We will sing our carols and remember Christmas is not the gifts or the lights, but the celebration of the Saviour's love for us.


Charity Childs-Gevero said...

Thank you for sharing your Christmas memories with us! :)

Merry Christmas, Lizzy-Loo! And Gwendolyn, too! :)

Strange Pilgram said...

I wonder what the memories for my punks will be too... this life abroad and away from extended family. Packages and skype instead of an evening together. This is why I read bedtime stories and bake cookies and have them help me choosing and wrapping gifts for each other. And try to help them understand that Christmas is so much more.

Thanks for your many kind comments.

Merry Christmas

Ballerina Girl said...

how great your Christmases of past and present are...
enjoy my friend!
Merry Christmas!

Gabriela said...


I hope you guys had a great Christmas this year. Your kids will have wonderful memories.

Judith said...

I had Chinese food today and was wondering if it is really Chinese food. Do you get similar food there. I think some of it tasted a little like cat...hmmmmmm sweet and sour cat with veggies maybe. :)