Thursday, November 13, 2008


i love this have a great day!


Judith said...

That was .... hmmmm Hard to put in to words. It is a great world. If only everybody everywhere would get a grip and feel the goodness. siiggghhhhhh
Probably different folks at different points in life get a totally different perspective from that clip.

Charity Childs-Gevero said...

Hey there! :)

My mother is from Xiamen, China! :)

My mother's mother (my "amah") had to flee China during the WW2 to save her life, because she was from a bourgeoisie family, she came to the Philippines on a boat when she was 17, took up a job as a teacher at the local Chinese school, then married another Chinese man, and had 6 children, then my mother later met my father in California, at the School of Ministry where she was going to school at! hee hee! Ok, that was a pretty long story...hee hee!


Toots said...

Hi there! Thanks to BATW I'm here . . . thanks for the great tour! I'm hoping to poke around and find more about you and your family . . . have a wonderful day!

Stacey said...

Wow, it's so amazing the opportunity you have, and that your children have, growing up there! I saw Matt Lauer on the Today Show do his "Where in the world is Matt Lauer" segment from Hong Kong a couple years back and I've always wanted to visit; what a magnificient place!!! So neat!

Desi said...

Wow, what a neat place to live. I'd be all over that food!! I've heard about what happens to fair people when they go there.. I think it's funny! But kinda weird, having people touch on your kids..

Thanks for having us!

EmmaP said...

wow... brave to live there is all i have to say. I had a similar experience with my "white kids" in the philippines. everyone kept stopping to ask us if we were famous movie stars from america or something.

the food sounds de-lish! congrats on your feature today from BATW!!!

LuLu said...

Thanks for a great tour. Love learning new information from BATW!!! Will be checking in to see how your adventures continue